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de Reij, Segher (author)
This research presents the design and implementation of a fault diagnosis filter for a high-fidelity simulation model of the AB383 wire bonder. Fault diagnosis, which consists of detecting, isolating, and estimating faults, enables more effective maintenance strategies and potentially mitigates costly downtime in high-precision motion and...
master thesis 2023
Boot, Bas (author)
For this thesis we have compared communication times of different control schemes on a wireless control network for a water irrigation system. Therefore a control application which can run different protocols was created. We have shown that a significant reduction of communication time can be achieved by using event-triggered control (ETC), and...
master thesis 2021
Lont, J.J. (author)
The application of optimal control structures for water irrigation systems (WISs) can be enabled by applying wireless event-triggered control (ETC). The term WIS, is used to describe open-water channels, that are mainly used to supply water to farmers all around the world. The water levels in these channels need to be controlled, but because of...
master thesis 2020