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KILIÇ, Berra Şulenur (author)
Istanbul Water and Sewage Administration’s estimations of decline of water supply is calculated as 24%, with a 2 °C increase in temperature by 2030 caused by increasing evaporation from reservoirs (van Leeuwen & Sjerps, 2016, 12). Considering the fact that 97% of water sources are these dams/reservoirs, it is obvious that İstanbul is...
master thesis 2020
Heide, Kendra (author)
The city of Amsterdam is prospering, the amount of residents and visitors continues to grow every year. With this rapid population increase there are more people seeking to travel each day. This increases the pressure on all types of modalities in Amsterdam. As a result of this, the city becomes more busy, congestion increases, the air quality...
master thesis 2019
He, Mengya (author)
This project is mainly about the revitalization of the old port area of the Chinese city Xiangtan. As a riverside city located in the south part of China, Xiangtan has been through a long historical period during which some of the most formative moments of Chinese politics and economy happened. As the departure point and the cultural core of the...
master thesis 2018