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Mody, Prerak (author)
The onset of delirium, a disturbance in the mental activities of a patient, can be potentially detected by understanding activities within an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) room. Such activities can be extracted by estimating human pose via a visual capture of the scene. This work uses a top-view depth camera in an ICU room to estimate pose of the...
master thesis 2020
Shah, Himanshu (author)
Delirium occurs in upto 80% of the ICU patients and is one of the most common source of morbidity and mortality in the ICU. Inattention is one of the core features of delirium and affects 97% - 100% of the delirium patients. This indicates that attention can be a good parameter for detecting delirium. In literature, it has been found that the...
master thesis 2019