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Hidskes, Jente (author)
Many program transformation languages simplify the implementation of program transformations. However, they give only weak static guarantees about the generated code such as well-sortedness. Well-sortedness guarantees that a program transformation does not generate syntactically ill-formed code, but it is too imprecise for many other scenarios....
master thesis 2018
Bierlee, H. (author), Grashoff, K. (author)
This is a project report on the research, implementation and empirical test of an online system for mortgage advice that have been completed in the context of our bachelor project. The project objective was to build a platform for online mortgage advice, which could substitute a real-life, human adviser. The use of such a platform costs far less...
bachelor thesis 2016
Mackenbach, C.M. (author), Ang, A.W.Z. (author)
KeyLocker, a start-up developing cryptographic products that put the control of encryption keys into the hands of the end-users, has requested a review of their own software development process. During their first year of existence, the company experienced problems in following software development methodologies, sharing knowledge effectively...
bachelor thesis 2015