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Schep, B.A. (author), Roor, A.M. (author), Rottink, M.E. (author), Spielmann, P. (author), WaquƩ, A.E. (author), Van de Zande, B.J. (author)
Ladysmith, a small city in KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa) had to deal with severe floods in the past. To prevent the city against floods like this, the Ladysmith Flood Protection Scheme was implemented in 1998. After the implementation of this scheme, there were still some floods. The goal of this project is to identify the causes of the floods...
student report 2016
De Jong, L. (author), De Jong, B. (author), Ivanova, M. (author), Gerritse, A. (author), Rietberg, D. (author), Dorrepaal, S. (author)
The eThekwini coastline is a vulnerable coastline subject to chronic erosion and damage due to sea level rise. In 2007 a severe storm caused major physical and economic damage along the coastline, proving the need for action. Umhlanga Rocks is a densely populated premium holiday destination on the eThekwini coastline suffering from similar...
student report 2014
Bronsvoort, K. (author), Radermacher, M. (author), Van der Spek, B.J. (author), Spruit, R. (author), Van Tongeren, B. (author)
The Durban bight has a very dynamic and variable coastline which is constantly under attack by the Indian Ocean. To protect the Durban harbour from this energetic ocean, already in 1855 breakwaters have been constructed to protect the harbour and prevent sedimentation inside. The construction of these breakwaters and eventually extending these...
student report 2011