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Stuij, S.A. (author)
The Santo André Lagoon is one of many inlets and lagoons that can be found along the along the Atlantic coast of Portugal. These coastal systems have a large ecological value and are important for rich biodiversity. The Santo André Lagoon is part of a natural reserve that is officially under protection of the country. It has a rich flora and...
master thesis 2014
Blossier, B. (author)
A large number of beach morphologies across the world exhibits nearshore sandbars with complex 3D patterns. During large storms, these shapes disappear and the bars get to a certain extent alongshore uniform. This phenomenon is called a reset. Numerous studies have been conducted on the development of the bar shapes (3D) or on the cross-shore...
master thesis 2011
Pool, A.D. (author)
After a storm surge in November 2007, older storm surge deposits were discovered in the eroded dunes near Heemskerk, the Netherlands. These deposits undulate in height with a maximum elevation of over 6 m above mean sea level. Luminescence dating suggests that the layers were deposited by either the 1775 or the 1776 storm surge. The aim of this...
master thesis 2009