Active Architecture

A return to human movement

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An increasingly number of scientific research reveals the health threat of living sedentary lifestyles. Sitting is already called ‘the new smoking of our generation’. Sitting and inactivity are pointed out as two major contributors for the huge rise of Chronic diseases such as Obesity, Diabetes, Cardio Vascular Diseases and (some) cancers. For our society it is of a great importance to find solutions and alternatives, with a strong focus on prevention. Sufficient Physical activity is the key within such strategies. Within this graduation project research is done on the potential of the daily environment (the office and the apartment) to stimulate an increased physical activity. Design based research was in the core. A catalogue full of scenario's are tested through simulation of daily routine on calorie-expenditure. This allowed for a comparison between the different strategies. It is a first step in understanding the relationship between physical activity and the daily environment.