Performance Analysis of a Multi Carrier-TDMA/SFH-Dual Signal Receiver System using BPSK modulation in a Macrocellular Environment

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The development of a third generation mobile communication network is in progress. A European project is working towards a European standard. The investigation of multiple access schemes is part of this project, as was development of the Multi Carrier TDMA/SFH Dual Signal Receiver protocol. A mobile communication system is designed based on this protocol, incorporating issues as multiple cell and integration of services. A proposal for an appropriate capacity allocation protocol for integration of speech-, data- and packet service is given. Simulation results are given for the performance in terms of capacity, spectral efficiency and link budget evaluation. The results are compared with results for the Hybrid Direct Sequence/Slow Frequency Hopping protocol which was also investigated by the Telecommunication and Traffic Control Systems Group of the Department of Electrical Engineering of Delft University of Technology.