From Design to Management: Exploring BIM’s Role across Project Lifecycles, Dimensions, Data, and Uses, with Emphasis on Facility Management

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The importance of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in construction and facility operation is unquestionable, but there is a clear discrepancy between the data included in as-built BIM models and the expected use specified by customers. This disparity presents significant obstacles in properly using BIM for facility management and operational operations. The main goal of this research is to suggest inventive and pragmatic approaches that successfully address the discrepancy between the actual BIM model data, with a specific emphasis on COBie dataset, and the intended BIM applications outlined by stakeholders in the Employer’s Information Requirement (EIR) for facility management and operation. The study methodology is based on a comprehensive examination of current literature, demo case studies, as well as standards pertaining to BIM data, COBie.Type, and EIR requirements. The results of this study consist of a collection of standards, procedures, and suggested practices specifically designed to improve the utilization of as-built BIM model data for facility management and operation. These will closely correlate with the BIM applications stated by the client. Furthermore, the project seeks to enhance industry norms and practices, promoting enhanced cooperation and information sharing among stakeholders. This research has also investigated the efficiency of Solibri Model Checker (SMC) to validate the COBie type and component information provided by COBie.