Innovations in ISDN products for office communications

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The digitization of the Dutch infrastructure towards an Integrated Digital Network (IDN) is currently taking place. Evolving from this IDN, public Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) connections are about to be introduced in Holland. ISDN-based PABXs and multifunctional workstations are already available. Moreover, starting January 1st 1989, the PTT will loose its monopoly on the peripheral market. Especially Siemens Nederland N.V. will be challenged to gain a considerable share of the Dutch ISDN peripheral market. Unfortunately, the ISDN concept has been technology-pushed so far. Users seem very sceptical about the usefulness of ISDN in their offices. The goal of this survey is to find new, attractive ISDN peripherals for the office communication, which fit the (user) requirements as much as possible. The full stretch, from idea generation, via market research and product selection, up to product design, has been completed...