The MaaS design for incentivizing sustainable mobility

From dutch drivers' perspective

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This study explores how to incentivise dutch drivers to choose more sustainable modes of travel, what are the major challenges and what are the possible solutions. Based on the impact of travel demand on the environment and private car ownership and use in the Netherlands, It is found that the continuous growth of mobility consumption demand is undermining environmental sustainability. Meanwhile, through in-depth user research, the main influencing factors and main thinking process of driver's travel decision are explored. There is a clear gap between attitude and action in the feedback on sustainability issues. Through the overall planning of the service design and the MaaS product ecosystem and roadmap, MobiFi MaaS aims to solve the corresponding difficulties and provide sustainable and viable driving options for drivers. Through the point-to-surface behavior change mechanism, feasible solutions are first offered, and small incentives are then offered to influence small decisions (for example, indoor parking is more favorable than outdoor parking, and users can gain green points). In the end, the ultimate vision of 'In the future, people who choose green travel methods should be rewarded' can be achieved.