Approaching Extracurricular Activities for Teaching and Learning on Sustainable Rehabilitation of Mass Housing

Reporting from the Arena of Architectural Higher Education

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The article presents the potentials and capacities of extracurricular activities such as student workshops for strengthening existing curricula and introducing emerging specialised areas, topics, and challenges into architectural higher education. The specific objective of this study is to enhance and test different pedagogical models for learning on the sustainable rehabilitation of mass housing neighbourhoods (MHN), as a specific type of modern heritage, through innovative extracurricular teaching practices based on interdisciplinarity, flexibility, and adaptability. This research presents three student workshops focusing on the rehabilitation of mass housing neighbourhoods (MHN), involving students, academics, and professionals from the field, organised in Germany, Serbia, and North Macedonia in 2022. Moreover, it engages a comparative analysis of the learning formats and approaches developed within this discipline-specific cross-border collaboration. The study provides (1) an insight into the comparative analysis of learning capabilities and (2) the formulation of workshop models supported by diagramming of the workshop structure. The conclusion of the article summarises the findings and highlights the essential aspects for engaging student workshops, as an instrument for generating operational knowledge in the field of mass housing rehabilitation.