Heat treatment studies of aluminium alloy type 7050 forgings. Interim report no. 2: The effect of heat treatment on a variety of engineering properties

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The effect of variety of heat treatments on various engineering properties was studied with the aim to derive an optimum heat treatment. The engineering properties comprised Vickers hardness, short-time tensile strength, fatigue crack propagation resistance, fracture toughness and stress corrosion resistance. The test results were compared with those obtained in earlier investigations on the older forging alloys of American and British origin 7079 and DTD 5024 and on the newly developed German forging alloy AZ74.61. The performance of the alloy 705O proved to be generally superior to that of AZ74.61 and far superior to that of 7079 and DTD 5024. However it was found that quenching in boiling water leads to relatively inferior fracture toughness and stress corrosion properties, while in the SCO resistant condition the alloy proved to be very susceptible to general corrosive attack if exposed to an aggressive environment.