Towards an Aerodynamic Stall Model for the Fokker 100

A foundation for research regarding the influence of a swept wing configuration on aerodynamic stall

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Research into Aerodynamic Stall Model Identification (ASMI) is an ongoing endeavor to create a model that achieves the highest fidelity, that aids in upset recovery training of pilots in Flight Simulator Training Devices (FSTD). Aircraft come in various configurations, one aircraft stall model cannot sufficiently provide a full understanding regarding these differences in configuration. Obtaining proper flight-test data is a time-consuming, and a very expensive exercise, especially when large commercial aircraft are concerned. The partnership with Fokker allows for a highly appreciated, and novel step in stall model identification.

A first step was set in the data preparation phase, where historic flight-tests are intended to be used towards research into aerodynamic stall model identification. This led to the creation of a fuel depended, highly accurate mass model, and an engine model based on OLS estimation techniques. Finalized by setting up Kalman filtering techniques for estimating the aircraft state.