JaJakarta - The anarchistic factory as an alternative for squatting

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Jabodetabek, the urban agglomeration consisting of DKI Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi, is the second fastest growing megacity on the planet (Robinson, 2011). Current projections show that Jabodetabek’s population will reach 38 million people in 2030 (Jakarta municipality, 2014). However, this growth will take place in a city that is facing major problems; all these issues are deeply interconnected and are seriously jeopardizing the city’s livability. (Kusno, 2010; Robinson, 2011; Silver, 2007). We believe these problems should be tackled with a radical reconsideration of Jakarta’s urban fabric. We propose the double the amount of inhabitants, going from Jakarta to Jajakarta. In 2030 Jakarta will have expended so much due to migration and population growth, and in this process overtaken many adjacent cities, that it will be called Jabodetabekasepususesuci (Jakarta municipality, 2014). An unpronounceable name for a megacity that has become so addictive to growth that it will become uncontrollable. The municipality will be left incapable in effectively managing the dramatically enlarged city. Stopping the urban sprawl will mean that the city center, known as DKI Jakarta, should increase its density; both in its inhabitants as in floor space, in order to be able to house the majority of the expected growth for all income classes. This change will require a new kind of urban fabric, in which the kampung is intensified.