Real Time Eye Blink Detection using a Configurable Processor

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This thesis describes the approach to create a real time eye blink detector using a new perception processor. Tried is to describe how the processor works and to find out possible fields of application. Supposed strength of the processor is it's speed combined with the possibility of changing the configuration at run time. Since the current version is a prototype, the perception processor is still undergoing some improvements and updates. By performing extensive tests not only to the domain of eye blink detection, advice is given about promising directions for further development of the processor. Ultimately, the demonstrative application created for this thesis is robust enough to be used as a real time blink detector that can be used in different domains of computer vision. In order to create the blink detector, a step by step approach is taken. First, the face is located and tracked. Next, the eye region is to be found, which should lead to real time locating and tracking of the pupils. Finally the blinks are detected to give an indication of a persons blink rate. Goal is to find out the limitations and the field of application for the perception processor.