An exploration on strategic tool developments in strategic design agencies

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This research project is an exploration on how strategic tools were developed in strategic design agencies. In conducting this paper, the author explored the strategic tool development in strategic design agencies of various age. With a grounded theory approach, this project conducted 10 interviews in 7 strategic design agencies in the Netherlands. The research project aims to capture a realistic view on the usage and development of tools in strategic design agencies. A visual map illustrating the relationships between findings is developed in the research. The findings are rich and presented in different layers under 5 interrelated themes. "Preferred tool values" indicates tool values that agencies are interested in. "Tool innovation" and "re-creation & adaptation" of tools describes the inspiration, drives and implementation of the tool development process. "Knowledge management" describes the management of personnel and tools within agencies. Last but not least, "Tool selection process" discuss the role of agencies in planning a project. This research project offers detailed insights into each theme and derive suggestions on how agencies can further create values, including ways to improve their organizational effectiveness and expanding their clientele base. This research is interesting for researchers on strategic design, tool developments, knowledge management and so on. Strategists and designers would also find this paper inspiring for reflecting their working module and gaining managerial implications.