Development of a quasi-linear parameter varying model for a tiltrotor aircraft

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The research presented in this paper focuses on the development of a quasi-Linear Parameter Varying (qLPV) model for the XV-15 tiltrotor aircraft. The specific category of qLPV modeling technique, known as the model stitching technique, is employed to model the time-varying dynamics of XV-15 tiltrotor aircraft over the entire flight envelope. In this modeling approach, discrete linear state-space models are interpolated through lookup tables as function of scheduling parameters with the implementation of nonlinear equations of motion. The XV-15 qLPV model is configured with four scheduling parameters: altitude, nacelle incidence angle, wing flap angle and velocity. Additionally, a computational complexity analysis is presented. In particular, computational sensitivity of qLPV models configured with lookup tables to number of states and number of scheduling parameters is demonstrated. This is done to show the feasibility of real-time implementation of qLPV models with increasing fidelity (number of states) and expanding dynamic flight envelope (number of scheduling parameters).