System Identification of Quadrotors Inflicted with Asymmetric Blade Damage

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As quadrotors continue to become more popular for personal and commercial use, improving their safety is essential, especially in impaired operating states. With (asymmetric) blade damage (ABD) being a potentially dangerous type of impairment, it is beneficial to understand how it affects the dynamic behavior of a quadrotor. This research examines the effects of blade damage on the dynamic model of a quadrotor through system identification techniques. Time scale separation is used to split the low-frequency aerodynamic behavior and high-frequency (HF) dynamics. Aerodynamic models are identified using stepwise regression, and a novel approach for modeling HF dynamics –relying purely on on-board sensors– using spectral analysis and simplex B-splines has been developed. A majority of the aerodynamic models surpass 𝑅2 values of 0.95, and the HF models exceed 𝑅2 values of 0.90. The findings provide new insights and
significant implications for diagnosing ABD in quadrotors.