Exploring the Relationships of Generalized Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Written Texts and Personal Traits Among Chinese University Students

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Nowadays, mental illnesses are universal around the globe. However, compared with developed countries, the health budget assigned to mental health is much lower in low-income or developing countries (Mnookin et al., 2016). Even in China, a country with a large population, the epidemiological data on mental health (anxiety and depression) are too few to have sufficient understanding. Despite the current research that is to identify GAD and Depression from natural language, and seeks to explore the relationships of personality and GAD and Depression has until now not conducted in Chinese language. Besides, university students are a very noteworthy students, who are going through the transition from adolescence to adulthood, and facing a lot of challenges in this process. Therefore, this research explored the relationships of Generalized Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Natural Language and Personality Traits among Chinese university students.
To reach the objective of the present research, an online survey was conducted among Chinese university students, which consists of GAD-7, PHQ-8, BIS/BAS, and PANAS questionnaires, followed by a writing task to describe their feelings about university life and one anxious moment happened in the university. Finally, demographics were assessed. All the sample data were exported into .csv format and imported into the software JASP (JASP, 2017). And the text of the writing task was uploaded on LIWC 2022 software (LIWC, 2022) package, and on the statistical software SPSS for additional analyses.
Through the experiment, the main Research Question and Sub-Research Questions were answered and all hypotheses were accepted. By reflecting on the whole thesis, some limitations of the current research were pointed out and some suggestions were proposed for future work.