Transparent Restoration

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The aim of the research is to investigate the common ground between restoration practices and structural glass technology, as a new methodology to exploit our built heritage; a distinguishable, yet discreet restoration approach. Transparency is introduced by means of structural glass in an attempt to reinstate the image of the monument, allowing for a simultaneous perception of both its original and ruinous state. The design focuses on a new glass façade, as a restoration treatment for the case study of an old tower, located in Greece. Cast glass units are suggested in respect of the existing masonry construction techniques and the aesthetics of the original structure. In order to attain a reversible solution, as suggested by the restoration guidelines, dry connections are proposed in combination with interlocking geometries for the glass units, ensuring the overall stability. In the context of this research, aspects related to restoration principles, manufacture specifications, assembly and construction feasibility, mechanical behavior of the materials and compatibility have been also investigated.