Re-integrating the city: A scheme for the densification of an under-used urban site in Belgrade

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How can we tackle the renovation of small abandoned sites within the central fabric of our cities in order to provide affordable housing ownership opportunities?
In a world where densification usually results in demolitions and gentrification and is only possible through masterplan efforts, this project proposes an alternative approach: one which respects the existing context and users, one which identity and formal implantation is site specific, but scalable and replicable through a unified construction strategy. Rather than proposing a solution to the housing crisis, the project proposes a local intervention which uses the government as a leading actor of change while simultaneously using the presence of local actors to encourage appropriation and a more bottom up densification of our cities.
This project therefore proposes a strategy combining infill and top-up strategies, using local materials and simple construction techniques. It focusses on one government owned site in the city-centre of Belgrade, while also suggesting a wider masterplan of potential action.