Assessment of the variables influencing sediment transport at the Sand Motor

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The objective of this thesis is to investigate the role of different hydrodynamic and morphological factors influencing sediment transport patterns at the Sand Motor in order to give insight in processes controlling the short-term sand bar morphodynamics and the long term development of the Sand Motor. The work presents an analysis of the morphological changes of the Sand Motor since its construction until April 2013 based on monthly bottom topography surveys. The evolution of the coastline and the sand bar system is then related to the hydrodynamics. Hereafter simulations of realistic and schematized scenarios is conducted using the numerical model Delft3D. Based on those results a conceptual model of the evolution of the Sand Motor is derived and the trends in the longshore sediment transport rates for the different aspects of the morphological evolution were analyzed in order to give insight on the future development of the Sand Motor.