JaJakarta - Kota Kampung Integral

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Our research group aimed to map and understand some of the major issues Jakarata is facing. From a larger scale towards the smallest scale, many problems seem to be interlinked. We have tried to display and explain these issues in our research book. Understanding the city to be a Kota- Kampung symbiosis leads to a research into the mechanisms of their relation. At first hand their relation is evident in omnipresent in many ways: socially, culturally and economically. Both the findings of the larger scale as the smaller scale have become starting points for my graduation design. Viewed from the larger and the smaller scale at the same time, my designs try to mediate between the needs of the city and the needs of the common Kampung inhabitant. The designs I developed focus on the immediate border between the larger and the smaller scale: the Kota and the Kampung. This border could be understood using a spatial syntax analysis. This design approach I followed tries to incorporate the need for infrastructural change, and the economic potential in the benefit of the smaller local context. The designs can be regarded as attempts in finding topological approaches in the benefit of the city and the local context.