Versatile and High-Performance LiTaO<sub>3</sub>:Tb<sup>3+</sup>, Gd<sup>3+</sup> Perovskite for Multimode Anti-counterfeiting, Flexible X-Ray Imaging, Continuous Stress Sensing, and Non-Real-Time Recording

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Multimode luminescence relates to how charge carriers are transported and recombined in response to various physical excitations. It shows promising applications in many fields like advanced anti-counterfeiting, information storage and encryption. Enabling a stable single compound with multimode luminescence is a unique technology but still remains a challenge. Herein, a versatile and high-performance energy storage LiTaO3:0.01Tb3+,xGd3+ perovskite is discovered by utilizing the interplay of electron-trapping defect levels and hole-trapping Tb3+. It combines an excellent charge carrier storage capacity (≈7 and 12 times higher than state-of-the-art BaFBr(I):Eu2+ and Al2O3:C), >1200 h storage duration, >40 h afterglow, efficient optically stimulated luminescence, persistent mechanoluminescence, and force-induced charge carrier storage features. Particularly, it well responds to various stimuli channels, i.e., wide-range X-rays to 850 nm infrared photons, thermal activation, mechanical force grinding, or compression. To elucidate this multimode luminescence, charge carrier trapping and release processes in LiTaO3:0.01Tb3+,xGd3+ with various physical stimulations will be unraveled by combining the vacuum-referred binding diagram construction, spectroscopy, thermoluminescence, and mechanoluminescence techniques. The versatile and high-performance LiTaO3:0.01Tb3+,xGd3+ enables promising proof-of-concept multimode luminescence applications in advanced anti-counterfeiting, flexible X-ray imaging, continuous compression force sensing, and non-real-time recording.