From Form to Venue

Architectural form as an amplifier for music venues

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As part of urban redevelopment and in order to densify and create a new city centre, the Binckhorst, an industrial area and business park in The Hague, The Netherlands, is the design location for a public building for a music venue. With this project, research was done on a fundamental aspect of architecture: form. Analyses of the design location and several case studies were done in order to define how architectural form can contribute to the experience of a music venue. Next to that, the concept of a festival was explored. The idea to see the venue as a festival originated from research on the site. With this, the design was treated as a public space where visitors are able to explore in all directions and where activities are happening everywhere.

This project was a research by design process where the two topics, form and festival, served as direct input for the design of the music venue. The final design can be described as a vertical festival of forms. It is characterized by unique and recognizable forms, supported by a modular system. As is the case with a festival, visitors of the venue will experience a lively and complex space. Through architectural appearance and through it’s program, the building responds to the wider context and it amplifies the Binckhorst and the experience of going to a concert.