Integrated Method for Mapping Shipyard Layouts

Obtaining an Insight into the Current State Building Process and Employee Movements

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There exists no general method for analysing the efficiency of a shipyard layout through the mapping of building processes and employee movements. Therefore an Integrated Method for mapping shipyard layouts is developed. This is done by implementing multiple ways of analysing and optimising industrial processes, as found in the literature. Usage of the developed Integrated Method starts with the analysis of different Lean wastes. Next, it is important to get a good understanding of the shipyard’s building processes through communication with employees and Value Stream mapping. Subsequently, the found processes can be visualised on a map using Rainbow Models. Finally, these Rainbow Models are verified with data from GPS tracking. Using this combination of methods as one Integrated Method helps to get a good picture of how different shipyard processes run, where they take place and which bottlenecks are present. With this information, shipyards can be made more efficient and future-proof.