WESgraph: a graph database for the wind farm domain

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The construction and management of a wind farm involve many disciplines. It is hard for a single designer or developer to keep an overview of all the relevant concepts, models, and tools. Nevertheless, this is needed when performing integrated modeling or analysis. To help researchers keep this overview, we have created WESgraph (the Wind Energy System graph), a knowledge base for the wind farm domain, implemented as a graph database. It currently contains 1222 concepts and 1725 relations between them. This paper presents the structure of this graph database – content stored in nodes and the relationships between them – as a foundational ontology, which classifies the domain's concepts. This foundational ontology partitions the domain in two: a part describing physical aspects and a part describing mathematical and computational aspects. This paper also discusses a number of generally difficult cases that exist when adding content to such a knowledge base. This paper furthermore discusses the potential applications of WESgraph and illustrates its use for computation pathway discovery – the application that triggered its creation. It also contains a description of our practical experience with its design and use as well as our thoughts about the community use and management of this tool.