Modeling the anaerobic fermentation of CO, H2 and CO2 mixtures at large and micro-scales

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The mitigation of global warming requires an urgent shift from the fossil fuel-based productive matrix currently in place. Technological platforms are being developed to reduce the amount of carbon of fossil origin, which is emitted to the atmosphere as a side-product from the production of energy. Gas mixtures containing CO, H2 and CO2 are candidates to drive the replacement of such fossil carbon. Each component in the gas mixture called synthesis gas (syngas) can be produced using renewable energy and the carbon from renewable materials, such as lignocellulose, biogas or municipal solid wastes. The production of chemicals from the gas mixtures can be done through the mature thermochemical conversion or through fermentation, a technology still under development. The metabolism of syngas-fermenting microorganisms and their behavior inside large-scale bioreactors are still not well understood...