Analogical Assessment of Train-Induced Vibration and Radiated Noise in a Proposed Theater

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This study presents the analogical assessment of the train-induced vibration and radiated noise in a proposed theater. The theater is to be constructed in a region with crowded metro lines, and the assessment is implemented in an analogical building with comparable structural type and metro condition. Prior to the assessment, the comparability of the analogical building with the theater is validated using the train-induced ground vibration. With the same horizontal distance from the metro line, the train-induced vibration level in the analogical building is 9 dB higher than that in the construction site of the theater. Such results indicate that the lack of soil layers may lead to a dramatic increase in train-induced vibration in the building. In the staircase of the analogical building, the train-induced radiated noise reached 55 dB (A), which is 10 dB (A) higher than the daytime allowable level. As the most important indicator, the noise rating number in the cinema of the analogical building is NR-43, which put forward an enormous challenge on the construction of the theater with a denoise demand of 23 dB. The analogical method applied in this study provides an effective and practical way for the assessment of train-induced vibration and radiated noise in proposed vibration-sensitive buildings. The assessment results that provide necessary reference and support for the anti-vibration design will help guarantee the stage effect of the theater.