Great Local Products 'Within Reach'

Company positioning and mobile application design

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Great local products ‘within reach’, the title of this report, represents both the proposition of Rechtstreex as well as it is a play on words, with the final design of this report being a mobile application. This abstract provides a short summary, describing the problem situation, activities carried out, results found and an outline of the final design. Rechtstreex is looking to expand their business, while at the same time trying to become a financially healthy organisation. During initial research within the Rechtstreex context, the problem for these two goals is a lack of growth. With this problem situation identified, analysis can be done to understand the origin of this problem situation. The origin of this lack of growth consists of several factors. Rechtstreex apparently has a high churn, which means losing a significant amount of customers to competitors. Next to a high churn, Rechtstreex does not have a concrete positioning which also has an influence on the employees. The employees do not show a future-oriented mindset, and are reluctant to make hard decisions. Confusion is present within the organisation in terms of direction, resulting in only achieving very incremental improvements. Two projects have been carried out in order to develop a solution for this lack of growth. By means of interviewing, workshops and discussions, an inventarisation is created of the various beliefs about Rechtstreex. Based on these results, a fitting positioning statement has been developed for Rechtstreex. This positioning statement is relevant for the current state of Rechtstreex, and serves as a foundation for a future-oriented positioning. Therefore, the positioning is a first step in the process of becoming more future-oriented as an organisation, creating the first step for sustainable growth. Next to the positioning statement itself, the process as a whole has created awareness among employees in terms of the necessity for future-oriented behaviour. The second part of this project has resulted in the development of a mobile application for Rechtstreex. Research supports the potential effect on engagement and growth that can be achieved through a mobile application for businesses. Application functionality consists of a store for buying products, shopping list, push messages, feedback options, browsing the various producers, recipe inspiration and a groceries planner. This list of functionality was created through internal evaluation of an initial application design, followed by evaluation through a panel of Rechtstreex users. Based on these insights, a development roadmap is created to guide the further development process of the application. Mobile application functions were mainly assessed on their effect on financial revenue, effect on non-financial revenue and impact on social behaviour among Rechtstreex consumers and the Rechtstreex food system. In short, the application was developed focussing on brand fit with regards to the positioning statement, as well as potential sales increase. Referring back to the problem situation, achieving growth, this combination of a positioning statement and mobile application create a solution which creates short term financial growth, growth in commitment to the Rechtstreex food system, and paves the way for sustainable future growth.