Skopje's retreat

The space for inhabitants to abstract from the conventions of the city

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Skopje is city of architecture with a strong emphasis on their exterior. Looking at the image of the city, the variety of architecture present can seem a bit overwhelming; each type of architecture seems to claim that they are thé image of Skopje. Since Skopje is filled with these different types of 'loud speaking architecture', the image of the city seems noisy and crowded, with different types of architecture all talking over each other. Therefore, Skopje's retreat is a space for people to get out of this conversation of the exteriorized buildings, in the form of a bathhouse with the strong focus on the interior and perception of the visitor. With a sophisticated design, challenging architectural elements on the bigger scale; by redefining the concept of the room, calling it space, and on the smaller scale; finding ways in detailing to create the atmosphere we want, to create the most comfortable place for the visitor, the project creates a more silent space in the noise of the exteriorized buildings of Skopje. This results in Skopje’s retreat; the space for inhabitants to abstract from the conventions of the city.