Risk to Life

Gard River Case study

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The Gard River case study focuses on human behaviour and casualties during the September 8-9, 2002 flash floods in order to provide estimates of the potential loss of life for this type of flood and elements for a calibration of the proposed model. The study contributes to Actions 1 and 2 of Activity 1 in Task 10 in helping to identify the factors leading to risk to life and in understanding the relation of risks to people and hazards. In terms of observed rainfall accumulation within hydrological watersheds, the return period of this 2002, event is over hundred years for the three major watersheds of the Gard administrative department. This rain event induced one of the most important floods ever reported of the three corresponding rivers (Gard, C├Ęze, Vidourle) and also produced remarkable flash floods in many upstream tributaries (Delrieu et al., 2005).