Renovate in-between space to convert AMC into a natural healing community

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In order to meet the needs for future hospital, the AMC requires a better healing environment with nature elements. In addition, the AMC building will transform from closed medical machine to a public welcome community. My project is to renovate the in-between space of AMC by ‘Archi-Nature’, and convert it into a natural healing community. Archi-Nature means creating the sense of nature experience by using architectural language. And in my research paper, I mainly focus on structure design. For my project, I will create the sense of nature experience by architecture language. The whole intervention include three levels. First step is to create nature atmosphere by new archi-nature structure. Next is to plug in new program. Last one is to redesign the entrance thereby to increase the accessibility. With the new intervention, AMC will create a better healing environment, and it will become a more public building and make profit by the new function.