Investigation and implementation of the PV-Chimney'system on building emvelopes

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This study refers to the PV/T-chimney system, an innovative system that combines two solar systems, a Trombe wall system and a PV/T system in order to gain more energy per square meter of application. The research analyzes the impact of the PV-chimney system on the energy performance of residential high-rise buildings and the architectural integration of the system as part of the facade. Different facade design alternatives, which investigate different facade patterns and their limitations in terms of functional and practical issues, provide a categorization of different ways of its use. Based on that, for each architectural category, by the help of energy simulations, a multicriteria analysis of the system is done. The aim is to understand the behavior of the proposed PV-chimney system under different geometrical characteristics in different climate conditions, in order to find the most optimal parameter combinations in terms of performance. In the second part, having as case study the Europoint Towers, in Rotterdam, a detailed facade design of PV/T-chimney is proposed based on the findings of the architectural and multicriteria analysis. This design, was developed in order for the system to adapt in the climate of the Netherlands, where the case study building is located as well as the climate of Hungary, where, it was constructed in 1:1 scale under the framework of Solar Decathlon 2019 competition, which took place in Hungary. In Hungary, an experiment of the system was conducted, in order to test the efficiency of the Photovoltaics under high temperatures and the potential use of this system for ventilation purposes. The results of the experiment indicate the viability of the simulations and underline the possible future improvements of the system for higher energy performance. According to the experiment measurements and the simulations, a comparison of the proposed system with conventional products proves that there is a reduction of the PV efficiency due to high temperatures. Thus, there are energy losses in the operation of the PVs. However, the electricity losses are depreciated by the thermal gains of the system, which give a final positive energy sign to the system.