Flight simulator evaluation of the flyability of curved MLS approaches with wide-body aircraft

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The flight simulator study described In this report concerns an evaluation of flight director flown curved MLS approach paths with a simulated wide-body transport aircraft. Four curved approach paths, consisting of two straight segments and one 90 degrees circular segment with different straight final segment lengths, have been investigated. Moreover an MLS equivalent of the 13R Canarsie visual approach at Kennedy Int'l, New York has been considered. Test objectives were: - to demonstrate the flyability of curved approaches for wide-body type of aircraft - to collect scientific data on pilot performance and operational acceptance for manually flown (flight director aided) curved approaches - to determine the operationally acceptable minimum straight final segment length. Test conditions Included various wind and visual conditions. Winds yielding limiting conditions for Cat. II operations and winds providing airframe limiting conditions, as far as magnitude of cross/tallwlnd cooiponents are concerned, were Included. Visibility and cloud base conditions ranged from Cat. II to better than Cat. I conditions. Test dat have been obtained as subjective and objective results. Subjective results concern pilot questionnaire responses and pilot comments, while the objective results concern among other things path tracking accuracy, including isoprobability contour plots and touchdown performance.