Efficient Angle Estimation for MIMO Systems via Redundancy Reduction Representation

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This paper proposes an efficient direction of departure (DOD) and direction of arrival (DOA) estimation method for multi-input multi-output (MIMO) systems. For uncorrelated scenarios, the redundancy of the covariance matrix is first exploited by establishing its concise representation through redundancy reduction, which transforms the original large-size covariance matrix into a smaller-size matrix without loss of useful angle information. Then, the resulting transformed matrix, which retains a salient structure, permits efficient two-dimensional (2D) angle estimators working on a reduced-size problem for DOD and DOA estimation. Compared with conventional subspace-based methods, the proposed method incorporating an appropriate 2D angle estimator is more computationally efficient and can achieve higher estimation accuracy for small numbers of snapshots and low signal-to-noise ratios, which are verified by simulation results.