Accurate distance measurement and Bluetooth audio communication

Bluetooth audio communication

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This thesis describes the design and implementation of a subsystem within a larger medical monitoring system. This subsystem will make bidirectional audio communication possible between a patient and their caregivers or family members. The patient in question can be premature babies that have to stay inside of incubators and elderly people that need to be monitored for their health.
The designed subsystem is tasked with creating an audio stream that goes bidirectionally between a speaker with a handsfree functionality and the front end via a server. On the server the audio from the patient should be stored on a hard drive. Whether the audio communication should be stopped or started and whether the audio should be stored will be controlled by the front-end user. Initially the goal was to implement the solution on a Pine singleboard computer (SBC), but due to unforeseen delays of the delivery of the necessary Pine SBC, it was decided that a proof of concept would be developed. The future work in this thesis will discuss the portability of the solution to the Pine SBC.