Performance prediction model for a Ship -to-shore crane

Productiviteit predictie model van een schip tot wal kraan

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This thesis presents the design of a performance prediction simulation model for an ship-to-shore crane. Current STS crane models do not take new trends in container terminal operations into account like automation. These models do not predict the performance accurately. This can lead to logistical and financial
consequences. Automation systems that are present in the cranes should be taken into account when modelling. State-of-the-art models do not model the cycle path of the crane accurately, crane components are modeled in
sequence while in real life the movements between the crane components are parallel. Moreover what is not included in these models are the accelerations/decelerations of these different components of the STS cranes. A
new STS crane model is developed that consists of process blocks and all the lacking points. Data was used from a reference crane to verify and validate the new model. To evaluate the performance of the proposed prediction model, a comparison has been made with existing prediction models.