Green Refits

Reducing yacht operational emissions through refitting

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This research aims to determine the cost effectiveness of yacht emission reducing ret options through marginal abatement cost curves. A broad selection of five refit options is evaluated and implemented in the created tool. Using multiple scenarios by fluctuating fuel price and the implementation of hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), the effect of fuel price and type is evaluated on multiple ship lengths. The abatements are determined in global warming potential and external cost, as well the well to wake emissions of the fuels and refitted parts. A technology overview, implementation and capitol and operational cost overview is made of the implementation of solar panels, LED lights, SCR-units, cool water waste heat recovery systems and anti-fouling. It was found that a GWP reduction of 78% and external costs reduction of 70 % is possible at an increase of fuel consumption cost of 47 % for a 54 meter yacht. In this case the main contributing factor to GWP reduction is HVO and the main external cost decrease is due to the NOx removal of the SCR-unit. Furthermore increased cost effectiveness was seen at increased fuel prices.