REDMOON: Radiation Environment and Dose Monitoring On-board a Nano-Rover

The Science Payload for the Lunar Zebro

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A miniaturized instrument was developed to enable in-situ measurements of the radiation environment at the Moon. The instrument is designated to function as the science payload for the first mission of the Lunar Zebro nano-rover. Characterization and testing of the Floating Gate Dosimeter (FGDOS) was advanced with an emphasis on its utilization as the core detector for this payload. A prototype of the Radiation Payload was designed, produced and tested. Radiation environment prediction and analysis was performed for various mission phases using SPENVIS and OLTARIS. A radiation transport model of the payload was prepared, as a foundation for more extensive simulations in the future.

This thesis highlights the need for further research and development of the FGDOS technology, including experimental mapping of the complete envelope of FGDOS sensitivity based on expected mission radiation environments. Additional noise reduction measures and thermal characterization at mission conditions are needed to iterate and improve the payload design such that it can be made flight-worthy.