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The public condenser is a response to a social group, a meeting place for people to relax and socialize, creating a culture that brings people together. It should be inclusive and encourage the coexistence of different users in the space. At the same time, the public space is a place where users can carry out not only planned activities but also a variety of unplanned and spontaneous activities.

Berlin is a diverse city where graffiti that can be seen everywhere and the beer truck with six wheels are the embodiment of people's self exploration and imagination of life. These echo the description of play in homo ludens. Play is a way of understanding what is around us and engaging with others, a catalyst for communal activism, a process of commoning. This project explores that rules are an indispensable part of the play,how to embody the rules in the play in the architectural space, and how to view the traditional elements that make up the space from the perspective of the play. When these elements have different meanings which generate new rules, and how to guide diverse play behaviors.