How to Teach ‘New Tools’ in Landscape Architecture in the Digital Overload

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The central theme of the paper is the introduction of hands-on tools showing the integration of information technology within a postgraduate study program (MAS LA) for landscape architects. What has already become a part of the discourse in the field of architecture – generic design – is now also finding more resonance in the context of large-scale landscape architectural design. If one studies the educational backgrounds of landscape architects, however, they often do not match the same standard as those of architects. A solid background in the area of innovative use of information technology, especially computer-assisted design and CAD/CAM construction is only at a preliminary state at most universities. The critical arguments in the choice of the selected medium and the building up of a continuous digital chain stand here in the forefront. The aim is not to improve the quality of the landscape design based on the variety of the applied tools, but rather through the sensible use of the said. Reflections as well as questions of method and theory stand at the forefront of our efforts.