Performance of the Emprint and Amica Microwave Ablation Systems in ex vivo Porcine Livers

Sphericity and Reproducibility Versus Size

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Purpose: To investigate the performance of two microwave ablation (MWA) systems regarding ablation volume, ablation shape and variability. Materials and Methods: In this ex vivo study, the Emprint and Amica MWA systems were used to ablate porcine livers at 4 different settings of time and power (3 and 5 minutes at 60 and 80 Watt). In total, 48 ablations were analysed for ablation size and shape using Vitrea Advanced Visualization software after acquisition of a 7T MRI scan. Results: Emprint ablations were smaller (11,1 vs. 21,1 mL p < 0.001), more spherical (sphericity index of 0.89 vs. 0.59 p < 0.001) and showed less variability than Amica ablations. In both systems, longer ablation time and higher power resulted in significantly larger ablation volumes. Conclusion: Emprint ablations were more spherical, and the results showed a lower variability than those of Amica ablations. This comes at the price of smaller ablation volumes.