Corrigendum to “Student paper competition at the eleventh IAASS space safety conference, ‘Managing Risk in Space’ in 2021” (The Journal of Space Safety Engineering (2022) 9(2) (125–126), (S2468896722000404), (10.1016/j.jsse.2022.05.002))

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This Editorial mentioned a paper by Nishimoto et al [1], which was not available to be cited at the time. The paper has now been included in this issue and the reference for it is below. [1] M. Nishimoto, M. T. Kezirian, Safety requirements for Hyperloop transportation systems: Applying NASA human spaceflight safety practices, J. Space Saf. Eng. 10 (4) (2023) 397 – 406, doi: 10.1016/j.jsse.2022.02.009