Benchmarking classification algorithms for radar-based human activity recognition.

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Linked to the increasing availability of datasets for radar-based human activity recognition (HAR), in this Student Highlights contribution, we report on a classification project that a group of 23 graduate students performed at TU Delft. The students were asked to work in groups of 2-3 members and to use the publicly available University of Glasgow dataset to develop the best classification pipeline as possible. This involved development and justification of both choices for the preprocessing techniques on the radar data (e.g., time-frequency distributions and cleaning of the signatures), and for the classification algorithms (e.g., the type of the algorithm, the hyperparameters' selection, the training-validation-testing split). While this student activity was performed at a small scale and with educational rather than research aims, we are happy to report it to the AESS readership, as we believe that such initiatives with open datasets sharing and classification algorithm benchmarking are beneficial for the wider radar research community. Furthermore, a list of publicly available datasets for radar-based HAR that can be used for similar initiatives is also reported in this article.