Development and Evaluation of a New CI Pitch Perception Test - the Glide Tone Test

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Current speech-encoding strategies in cochlear implants (CI’s) do not provide their users with sufficient spectral resolution for complex listening tasks and pitch perception. This paper presents a new test that has been developed to assess pitch perception: the glide tone test (GTT). A total of 25 normal hearing (NH) participants were tested to find their just noticeable difference (JND) between glide tones with a fixed range but a different exponent. The stimuli used mimic the sound spectrum of a violin and have 20 harmonics added to the fundamental frequency (F0). This paper also investigated possible learning effects the test
might possess, evaluated user-friendliness and optimised the procedure. The paper presents the JND scores obtained by the NH subjects, as well as the new testing method itself. Suggestions for further experiments with the GTT are made.