An integrated self-assessment and maturity model for the urban smart factory

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The concept of the Urban Smart Factory (USF), combining urban manufacturing with Industry 4.0 technologies, has emerged as a promising solution with significant value-added opportunities. However, there is a lack of maturity models specifically designed for assessing the maturity of companies in relation to the USF. To address this gap, this research aimed to develop an integrated maturity and self-assessment model for companies operating in urban environments. The model was developed through a literature review, expert interviews, and validation with an implementation example. The Urban Smart Factory Maturity Model (USFMM) consists of four maturity levels and five core dimensions, covering technology, workforce, strategy and organization, process products and services, and urban integration. A self-assessment questionnaire was created to measure the maturity levels, which was validated with a company achieving an "Advanced Implementation" level. The assessment identified areas for improvement, particularly in the workforce dimension, leading to recommendations for employee satisfaction monitoring and comprehensive metrics and KPIs. The model proved effective in evaluating company capabilities and provided valuable insights for improvement. The development of the integrated model enhanced its usability and applicability, while the validation process led to important improvements and recognition of non-technical innovation. Overall, the model is a valuable tool for assessing and advancing urban smart factories, offering personalized strategic roadmaps and facilitating the transformation journey.