Inertial Measurement Unit-based post-surgery knee rehabilitation

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Every year, nearly five million people undergo knee, making it one of the most common orthopaedic procedures. Sport-related injuries and age-related diseases are the major causes that lead to a knee operation. To recover mobility, stability and muscle strength, the person must go through a post-surgical rehabilitation program.
The price of these physiotherapy sessions increases the already high medical cost of the treatment. Additionally, it is a long and repetitive process that might make them lose motivation and discourage them before finishing the whole program. It is also inaccessible for some people, who live far away from a hospital or rehabilitation centre or in areas where the public healthcare system is saturated. As a result, many people abandon their rehabilitation programs and never recover the pre-injury state.
In this project, we propose the use of a game controlled using Inertial Measurement Units to improve the rehabilitation process. The game would reduce the costs of the rehabilitation, make it accessible for everybody and increase the motivation of the patients.