Adaptive Iterated Local Search with Random Restarts for the Balanced Travelling Salesman Problem

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Metaheuristics have been widely used to solve NP-hard problems, with excellent results. Among all NP-hard problems, the Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) is potentially the most studied one. In this work, a variation of the TSP is considered; the main differences being, edges may have positive or negative costs and the objective is to return a Hamiltonian cycle with cost as close as possible to zero. This variation is called the balanced TSP (BTSP). To tackle this new problem, we present an adaptive variant of the iterated local search metaheuristic featuring also random restart. This algorithm was tested on the MESS2018 metaheuristic competition and achieved notable results, scoring the 5th position overall. In this paper, we detail all the components of the algorithm itself and present the best solutions identified. Even though this metaheuristic was tailored for the BTSP, with small modifications its structure can be applied to virtually any NP-hard problem. In particular, we introduce the uneven reward-and-punishment rule which is a powerful tool, applicable in many contexts where fast responses to dynamic changes are crucial.